Whispers of Loneliness

This is the blog of a lonely little bird.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


My dears, how pitiful must it be that the best of days often turn into the worst of days. Why just today was an example of that. My little sister thrice (and two quarters) removed called today and told me that she was visiting my town.

How delighted I became, and how I prepared my house. She came too, but left two minutes later.

I cannot describe the misery to you. My head felt dizzy, sleepy, soggy. I felt sleepy, yet if I went to my bed, I could not sleep. I FELT LIKE I WAS GONNA START CRYING YA BIG DUMBOS.

And then someone came and said, "get off the computer. move." and i was like yeah okay not like i was sitting here because i wanted to, i mean seriously, it's so boring it's so dumb to say, "move," but i moved. "get off." was sometjng she also sad, lol/.

Monday, September 20, 2004


I like stories with quotes and coats. Quotes make my day whilst coats make winter days more unbearable. It's okay, I guess. Samantha guesses it too. We were playing the guessing game. She refused to give out scientific predictions, but I suppose that that was ok.

We cut down and burned at the stake the Christmas tree today. That sounds strange and weird, but I suppose that is also okay.

Everything is okay. Okay things are boring. I will write later when things are not okay. That might be more interesting, but who really knows?

Thursday, June 24, 2004


I love the new look.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Sisters are the best thing someone can have.

Sometimes they can be the worst.

In my case, they are the worst.

I will not elaborate as to why. All I'll say is that I hate them all! All four of my sisters.


Dear oh Dear. I am so sick! *wheezes and sneezes.

Sunday, July 13, 2003


Well, the weather seems to be improving everyday! Today had such a beautiful thunderstorm, I nearly cried. I wonder what tomorrow has to offer? We shall see.. Or maybe we shan't.

And how do you all love my new look? I made it myself.

Saturday, July 05, 2003


Such a chirpy day today, its as if the birds are partying. It's a pity that they outnumber humans so. Humans sound better. But not in everybody's case. In my case, yes of course. In your case, I do not think so. Alas. Don't worry too much about it. Not everyone is perfect.

*Sigh. I had such a long morning. I need to rest. I spent it waking up, eating breakfast, studying, jogging outside, and doing my daily morning exercizes. Not in that order, but quite alike just the same. Then of course, I came to blogger.com to blog about what I did. And now, I think I've spent too much time on the computer. I better get off now, for more then 10 minutes on the computer a week is disgraceful for a person like me.

Saturday, April 26, 2003


Today was an awful day. The weather was so bad! It first was raining but then it started to snow. And then the rain paused. And then the thunder came!! I was so frightened. I went to my room to hide! After that it started to hail! Then the sun came out. And with it a rainbow. The rainbow melted all my ice cream. Beautiful. I loved the weather today!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003


I really felt the need to say this..

Some people just do not understand me. As a matter of fact, a lot of people do not understand me. Alas.

Friday, March 14, 2003


Today, my mom told me that I deserve to die. Ah, parents these days. *Sigh. I was really cranky in the morning. I think I'm studying too less these days. Whenever I lessen my studies, I become dehydrated, because I only drink water when I study- it goes along with the Math. It's a lovely combination but you won't understand because, sadly, we both have different understanding levels.

*Sighs again. My mom just died. It was not my fault. In fact, I miss that poor creature. I mean I pity her. She dies too much.

Okay, I got to go wash the dishes. Mom's calling again and she'll get angry at me if I don't come because its her right as a parent to order me. Its a fact. Serious.

Saturday, March 01, 2003


Is it just me or did I suddenly stop blogging. I hope it is just me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Anyhow, my old layout looked a bit ugly. Besides, I didnt want to have anything to do with Miss Nike, who doesn't have good grammar. She had set up my previous blog for me. My mom says that friends have a great effect on the lives of human beings and as I cannot stand any writing which is not written in nice grammar I decided to drop out Nike from my friends list.

So I searched teoma.com for I nice layout site. To my surprise, it was really easy, and I found a great one. Dont you just love the way this looks? I'm glad I have a good taste.

On the other hand, I am very glad to see that Haloscan.com is allowing people to post their thoughts again. Freedom of expression is really important and I know a lot of you were dying to say something to me, Sadia B. And I was dying to hear from you too.. I really wanted to see if any of you had dared to disagree with my statement that I was smarter then you.

So thats all I shall say today.

Good evening!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


This morning my mom told me to practice the art of letter writing. She said that the skill of communication is a very important skill.

I don't have many correspondences so I decided to sign on and see if anyone on the internet was in need of a letter.

I found someone and wrote the following. I feel so proud. I think I've got a great writing talent, as well as being grammatically correct.

My Letter:

Dear Nike,

I had free time today so I decided to read your today's entry. I can see you have a potential skill for being an author. The only problem is that you stray from your subject very often, which drives me simply... crazy!

I am commenting to help you improve. Please read my advice carefully. Yes, so I am commenting as your English teacher would comment. The only difference is that I'm not your English teacher.

First of all, the title of your entry was filled with typographical errors, which made your title quite un-understandable to me and I'm pretty sure to a lot of other fellow human beings.

I am quite sure that if your entry had been copied and pasted in Microsoft Word, the entire page would be filled with red underlines! How disturbing! Just look at my entries. How very grammatical and spelling perfect! Think!

Point number two is the poem. I nearly liked the poem. Some of the lines however seemed forcedly rhymed. You need to improve on that. Apart from the forced rhymes, the poem was surprisingly well written. The grammar, punctuation, and spelling was practically perfect.

Use my advice and you shall see for yourself, you CAN become a great writer!

Yours seriously,


Some twerp became jealous of the fact that I wrote such a wonderful letter and the twerp declared that I wrote it with the help of Microsoft Word. LOL! I found that simply hilarious. Adidas never uses MS Word for writing! Never, never!

So I see it is getting late. I must leave. I just had the feeling that I MUST share my letter with all of you..

Monday, February 17, 2003


These days I'm writing here so very often. The reason goes as because these days I am having my holidays, and so these days I am not studying much...

Today I studied from 7:00 am till 5:00 pm.. Usually I study from when I wake up (around 4) till 8 pm, then I eat dinner and sleep.. I eat sometimes while I study, and sometimes I do not. As a result, I'm very slim and beautiful.

Oops! I'm straying from the point. Anyway, I guess you were able to see the difference... The difference between holidays and regular days for me, Sadia B.

As well as studying lesser on holidays, I also eat more. As a result, I am not so skinny that it would look a bit ugly. Like I stated before on paragraph 3, I am slim and beautiful.

So anyway, I learned something very interesting today. I learned that e=mc2. I know you won't understand this because of course you are not of as much as understanding as me!

I also proved to one person who dared disagree with the fact that I was smarter then him, that I WAS smarter then him. I proved it a very clear way. He said to me he had "batter" [sic] grammar than me. I caught his error on batter and he gave up.

*Sighs. It was a long day today. A day without much studying is really hard for me. I just cannot wait till tomorrow!

Sunday, February 16, 2003


Yesterday I wrote a very small piece. Today I shall write an even larger one. First of all, I'd like to tell you all that I still am smarter, and will remain smarter than you.

Second of all I'd like to tell you one more thing. I learned in geometry last year that everything has to be proved and I got into a strong habit of proving the teensiest details, as a matter of fact, the most obvious things.

My proof of how I am smarter than you is as shown below.

1. If you were smarter than me, you would have to study more than me.

2. If you studied more than me, you wouldnt have any free time, because I have only one hour of wasteful time.

3. If you didn't have any free time, you wouldn't be able to read this.

4. If you wouldn't be able to read this, I wouldn't be talking to you.

5. Therefore, I am smarter than anyone who is reading this, proving my words true.. I AM SMARTER THAN YOU.

And yes, I know you will be asking then, what if you are as smart as me. The answer is simple, my free time only allows me to write in my blog every other nows. If you are reading this, it indicates that YOUR free time also allows you to READ other people's blogs.

And if you are still not satisfied that I am smarter than you, feel free to try to prove it. You won't succeed!

Okay, all the proving was so fun! But now I have to talk about other things too.. As in what I spend the yesterday in. I shall let you know... I read exactly seventeen books on why the numbers '1' and '7' are the way they are.

I also ate lunch.

Then I went to sleep.

Bed time!

Thursday, February 06, 2003


Today was such an eventful day, I didn't even have time to update my blog. Oh wait a minute, its still today. Hey, I'm updating my blog today so I guess that was a lie! Dear me, I better go quick and wash my mouth with soap and water. *Goes

*Comes back. Okay, all of you might be wondering... What even happened today that made this day eventful for Sadia B? I'm sure all of you are going crazy wondering. Not to torture you anymore, I'll tell, I guess.

Here's what happened: While studying, as I was reading my science book, I learned that Newton's third law of motion is the basic principle of how a rocket works. *Gasp. Isn't that so interesting? You might think thats boring but that's just you. Now that I know that, and as I already knew the third law of motion, I could easily make a rocket within fifteen hours, and take a trip to the moon. Earth's moon of course. And then, I'll always have Eid cause the moon will always be sighted. How glorious!

I was totally involved in reading my science book I didn't even notice that my little sister was crying. Poor girl, she cried too hard she eventually passed by and away. Hear that? Dead! Oh who cares? I'll get to see her some other day.

So I hope you all aren't that envious of my discovery. Its sheerly because of me studying which increases my knowledge greatly. I reckon compared to me, you have the intelligence of a gummy worm! Oh, that's just you!

Oh and no offense. I'm just making you have a clearer view of me, inorder for you to know that befriending me would be sheer nonsense. I am the type of human that doesn't allow animals that are haram to be eaten from my mouth. *Shut up myself!

Sorry for being so harsh but I have to get used to it before its too late. Time is running out. I have to go and get some more studying done. See you, humans, animals, insects, birds, plants! I am looking forward to hearing you again. (Yeah, I'm the shy type of person who doesn't talk but likes to listen to the speakers and agree. I'm really open minded. And also think of myself as not as smart as everybody else - even smarter!)

Thursday, January 30, 2003


My brother got his permit and he was driving and he killed himself all over again! That was the funniest thing that happened today.

Snakes are curious creatures. One bit my father this morning. My mother was eaten up by one a year ago. So that means I’m alone again. Again, I say, because I was alone before. The first time I was alone was when my family died in the car crash of 1978.

I love being alone because I have my own car again. Please do not tell anyone I am alone because I don’t feel like going to an orphanage, currently! Minds change. People change. Life returns.

I’m too busy now. I’ve got exams and my own car and my own household. It is very hard running a house.. Fixing all the meals for everyone when you live all alone in pure loneliness! Misery.